South Australia’s healthy landscapes are unique, diverse and clean.

Local producers and manufacturers are proud to say our:

  • wine grapes are grown in clean soil
  • seafood comes from clean oceans
  • agricultural produce is grown in a pristine environment.


In relation to food, wine and other beverages, ‘clean’ implies that a product is:

  • produced sustainably
  • managed responsibly and respects the environment’s natural resources
  • humane and prioritises the welfare of production animals.

It is safe through impeccable food safety and quality assurance standards and systems.

South Australia has:

  • established natural resource management and environmental protection frameworks
  • enviable food safety standards supported by a strong biosecurity system.


Protecting South Australia’s clean air, soil and water is vital for the prosperity of our food and wine sectors.

Natural Resource Management

South Australia’s natural resources management (NRM) system supports sustainable primary production. It also protects biodiversity and catchment health.


Safe and secure water supplies are critical for the future growth of South Australia’s food and wine sectors.

The $240 million River Murray Improvement Program aims to optimise irrigation to improve regional productivity.

The goal is to return 40 gigalitres of water entitlements from the South Australian irrigation sector to the Australian Government for use in the environment.

Adaptive to climate change

South Australia’s approach to climate change adaptation is also critical to sustaining a prosperous food and wine sector. Our state’s approach includes:

  • having an accurate understanding of the future threats to primary production under a changing climate
  • engaging the community and industry in strategies to deal with recognised threats.
Page Last Reviewed: 20 Jul 2016
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