SA's advantages

South Australia has a global reputation for producing some of the highest quality food and wine.

Our wine grapes are grown in clean soil, our seafood comes from clean oceans and our agricultural produce is cultivated in a pristine environment.


Local and international consumers are placing greater value on high-quality food and wine.

Demand for South Australian products is increasing due to our high quality safety and production standards.

South Australia’s premium food and wine includes:

  • Famous premium wines from some of the oldest vines in the world.
  • Rock lobster and tuna that is among the world’s most sought-after seafood.
  • Grains used in high quality beers, pastas and oils around the world.


South Australia has an outstanding reputation for protecting our environment and industries from pests and diseases.

We are the only mainland Australian state that is fruit fly free, and one of the few places in the world free of the vine-destroying pest phylloxera.

Read about our high quality and safety standards.


South Australia has systems backed by legislation to support our state’s primary production and clean landscapes, including:

  • well-established natural resource management
  • environmental protection frameworks
  • impeccable  food safety and quality assurance standards.

Protecting South Australia’s clean air, soil and water is vital for the prosperity of our food and wine sectors.

Page Last Reviewed: 20 Jul 2016
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