SA Food Credentials

Consumers are interested in how and where their food is produced. These 'credence' attributes may not be obvious when you look at the product. But for discerning consumers, there is value in knowing that their food was produced in an ethical and sustainable manner, is safe, was produced in a clean environment, and that the information and claims about the products are authentic.

South Australia supports the production of diverse high quality food products and demands high standards of food production including:

  • food safety
  • worker welfare
  • biosecurity protection
  • animal welfare
  • environmental management.

South Australian food businesses meet these standards and this is reflected in legislation, monitoring, compliance, research, education and other activities that are delivered by the food industry and the South Australian, Federal and local governments.

South Australian food businesses produce wonderful food. Customers and consumers can buy these with confidence knowing that they can trust how those products are produced.

Learn more about the standards and systems that support the production of South Australia's diverse food:

Page Last Reviewed: 20 Jul 2016
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