Livestock production, which includes meat and eggs, generated $4.6 billion in revenue for South Australia in 2014-15.

South Australia’s focus on sustainable, humane and innovative production has contributed to recent growth in several of its livestock sectors.

Our state’s dedication to research and development also helps local producers improve production and output.


South Australia leads the nation in pork processing.

Pork production has increased by 50% over the past decade and South Australia now processes around 1.2 million pigs a year.

This is more than a quarter of the national output.


South Australia has more than 4,000 beef producers.

They produced approximately $516 million worth of beef in 2014-15.


South Australia runs approximately one fifth of the national sheep flock.

The Gross Food Revenue value of lamb and mutton meat in 2014-15 is almost $1.2 bilion.

The South Australian wool industry produced 56 million kilograms of wool worth $365 million in 2014-15.


The chicken industry has expanded significantly in the past decade.

Poultry processing is now our fastest growing livestock industry.


In 1980, South Australia became the first state to legalise kangaroo meat for human consumption.

South Australia now exports the lean meat to Europe.

Macro Meats is a leading South Australian food business, focused on uniquely Australian Kangaroo meat. A video has been produced that  discusses the many benefits of kangaroo as a choice of meat including the ways to cook, various meat cuts and the environment from where kangaroos are harvested.

Global export

Major export destinations for South Australian livestock include:

  • United States of America
  • Japan
  • China
  • Republic of Korea.
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