Wong Wing Chee

Wing Wong Chee In China and Hong Kong, Master Chef Wong Wing Chee is highly respected, and as high profile as any celebrity for his innovative dishes, cookbooks and TV shows.

Wong Wing Chee was born into a family of culinary masters, with his father a renowned chef himself, a significant influence.

Starting his cooking career at Tsui Hang Village, then the best Chinese restaurant in town, Chee moved onto the Lei Garden where he was quickly made head Chef, the youngest ever in industry at the time.

Chee was then promoted to Executive Chef, and over a twenty year period assisted in expanding Lei Garden from Hong Kong to Guangzhou to Singapore, as well as winning many awards.

In 2006, Chee established the Dragon King Restaurant Group. The most prestigious restaurant in the group is the world-class Dragon Seal Restaurant and Bar, located on 101th floor of the International Commerce Centre in Hong Kong, creating exquisite Chinese meals with the world’s best produce.

Chee’s connection to Australia first begun in the late 1980s when he visited to enrich his knowledge in culinary arts, learning in prestigious restaurants. The experience has inspired his gourmet dishes for life, and he frequently features South Australian produce and seeks it out for its quality and freshness.

As a highly respected chef and communicator, he is ideally placed to share the message of the excellent standard of products South Australia is able to offer.

Chee said that as a chef with access to produce from all over the world, food and wine from South Australia always ranked top of his list and was his preferred choice.

"South Australia’s seafood in particular is the best in the world and I deliberately seek it out for its quality and freshness," Chee said.

"I am really thrilled to be on board to officially promote South Australia and its fantastic produce.

"I’m looking forward to championing for South Australian food and wine and raising its profile internationally."

As a Food and Wine Ambassador, Chee will use his popularity and personality to help globally promote South Australian food and wine.

Visit the Dragon Seal Restaurant and Bar website.

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