Ron Newchurch

Ron NewchurchRon Newchurch established Matjarra to provide a unique vehicle for Aboriginal growers to run sustainable businesses producing a range of Nunga Produce. His aim is to empower them through support, guidance and training, with benefits shared by their wider communities.

Ron describes it as "modern Aboriginal blending with modern multicultural Australia to create an exotic recipe".

Matjarra, which means silver wattle, employs 25 indigenous workers and its affiliated farms are found as far afield as Ceduna and Port Lincoln. Their products are sold to supermarkets, restaurants and fruit and vegetable retailers.

Ron grew up on the Yorke Peninsula, known for its rich agricultural heritage, and his family grows its produce at Port Victoria. He says he was the first Aboriginal grower to supply the Adelaide Produce Market, and is keen to continue that trailblazing tradition.

"It means we can encourage Aboriginal people to grow with a market already established," he said.

"We want to take it as far as we can. We want to get Aboriginal people recognised as growers and employers."

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