Glenn Cooper AM

Glenn Cooper Glenn Cooper is the public face of South Australia's iconic beer brand. He retired from his executive position at Coopers Brewery in 2014, but continues as its Chairman and Ambassador, as well as looking after exports to the US and Asia.

A fifth-generation member of the famous brewing family, Glenn played a key role in the successful expansion of Coopers into national and international markets and oversaw the launch of many new products, among them Coopers Mild Ale, Coopers Dark Ale, Coopers Extra Strong Vintage Ale, Coopers Lager and Coopers Clear.

He is very much a proud South Australian, and among other roles has served as Chairman of both the Adelaide Convention and Tourism Authority and the Adelaide Fringe Committee. He is also Chairman of the national Australian Made Australian Grown campaign.

Glenn said his travels had shown him that people in other countries were well informed about South Australia's seafood and wine, but less so about the all-important grains industry.

"When I travel, I push South Australia substantially.

"It is a good opportunity for me to present the credentials of the food and wine state.

"I see myself as a state ambassador."

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