Duncan MacGillivray

Duncan MacGillivrayBorn and raised on a South East farm, the late Duncan MacGillivray spent his working life in agriculture and exporting.

He was export manager for several beef and grain enterprises and as managing director of Two Dogs he pioneered the concept of alcoholic lemonade, which was distributed in dozens of countries.

He went on to establish Longview Vineyard Wines at Macclesfield in the Adelaide Hills, of which he was chairman for 11 years. He then established Kangaroo Island Pure Grain, with a mission to give island growers premium returns.

The company represents the island’s grain growers and provides KI Pure Non GMO canola, wheat, broad beans, barley, oats, lentils, linseed and honey. In increasingly food safety conscious times, its KI Non GMO canola is quickly gaining recognition, particularly in Japan. Its ‘paddock to plate’ system enables grain production to be monitored from seeding to harvest, storage and quality testing.

Duncan also served as a board member of the Premier’s Food Council and the Premier’s Wine Council.

Duncan was a proud supporter of South Australia and our great food and wine resources and was committed to growing the industry his whole life.

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