Rebecca Sullivan

Rebecca SullivanRebecca Sullivan is a self-taught cook and author who has worked on a wide range of projects that have positioned her as a food curator, activist, sustainable food writer, teacher, budding grower and entrepreneur.

Rebecca produces a range of Australian native food products for home cooks with partner Damien Coulthard, sold under the brand Warndu.

Warndu seeks to 'promote native ingredients and calls on the healing powers of our own indigenous foods and elders' knowledge'. Products include teas, oils, nut milks and a kangaroo tail broth.

"What really matters is the simple things – good, clean and fair produce," she said.

"In South Australia, we keep our produce sustainably managed and I think that's really important.

"Let's celebrate what we have to offer here in the state – the quality of our produce is second to none, and we must maintain it."

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