Mental Health support for fishers

The State Government is aware the change in Snapper management arrangements will have economic and other impacts, particularly on commercial fishers and charter boat operators.

A new program has been established to promote and support the mental health and wellbeing of commercials, charter and seafood processors. The Fisheries Family and Business (FaB) Support Program as part of a ‘Stay Afloat’ program is now available to assist those experiencing tough times.

Our Fisheries FaBs are experienced in discussing and addressing difficult issues that come about as a result of hardship and other adverse events. Mentors will:

  • work closely with other service providers such as Centrelink, Rural Financial Counselling and local health networks and connect people to those services as required
  • provide a free, informal, confidential, independent and understanding approach available for individuals, families or businesses in South Australia who may be affected by hardship.

The program is provided at no cost to the South Australian Fishing  industry.

Counselling support contacts

You can contact our Fisheries FaB support mentors direct on their mobile:

Professional counselling support is available 24/7 through the Regional Access program:

Technical advice contact

For technical advice regarding a fishery, a licence or a lease, you can contact PIRSA:

More information on the Fisheries FaB Support Program (PDF 330.1 KB)

Page Last Reviewed: 06 Jan 2020
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