2012 shark sightings

The sightings listed here are compiled from third parties from information given to fisheries officers. They are seldom verified or confirmed and no responsibility is taken for the accuracy of the information and we do not guarantee that the information on this website represents all known shark sightings.

The shark sightings recorded on this site do not necessarily indicate the presence or absence of sharks in any particular area or at a certain time and recorded sightings may not be specifically accurate, valid or useful.

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Identifier codes

P    Report from member of the public
R    Surf Life Saving South Australia observation from rotary wing aircraft
F    UniSA/State Emergency Services observation from fixed wing aircraft
S    Report from South Australia Police
A    Report from Abalone Divers Association
W   White Sharks Count program (including sighting ID number) – these reports are provided some time after the sighting date

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Date of ReportTime of ReportDate of SightingTime of SightingSighting LocationShark SpeciesIdentifier
31/12/126:30am01 Jan 20133:43pmSeaford Reef.White Shark. Sighted by surfer several meters from beach.P
30/12/124:50pm03 Jan 201312:32pmMoana, in front of surf club, approx 40m from shore.Bronze Whaler. 2.5 meters long. Was herded to sea by Westpac helicopter.R
29/12/125:55pm03 Jan 201312:34pmChristies Beach, south side of reef area.Bronze Whaler. 2 meters long. Was herded to sea by Westpac helicopter.R
29/12/1212:17pm03 Jan 201312:40pmChristies Beach, in between reef area and beach (southern end).Bronze Whaler. 2 meters long. Was herded to sea by Westpac helicopter.R
24/12/124:25pm02 Jan 20139:45amMoana Beach. 20 meters from shore. About 200 meters North of Surf Club.Unknown.S
29/12/1208:4028/12/1216:00Adelaide Shores, West BeachUnknownP
28/12/1216:3028/12/1216:10O'Sullivans Beach approximately 50 meters off shoreUnknown (2.5 meters long)P
24/12/1208:0824/12/1204:00Port Lincoln JettyUnknown (4 meters long)P
21/12/1216:4121/12/1216:30Sellicks Beach heading south 50 mtrs off shoreUnknown (2 to 3 meters long)S
20/12/1213:3920/12/1213:20Aldinga Beach near Surf Life Saving ClubUnknownS
20/12/12Unknown20/12/12UnknownSilver Sands 100m offshoreUnknown, 2mF
19/12/1214:4419/12/1214:28Moana BeachGreat White SharkS
19/12/1213:4519/12/12UnknownSellicks Beach 50m offshoreUnknownF
10/12/123:1310/12/122:36Maslins Beach approximately 20m offshore heading south to Blanche pointUnknownS
10/12/1212:1310/12/12 12:00 Maslins Beach, 1km south of main carpark 50m offshoreUnknownS
9/12/1214:229/12/1213:51Emu Bay, around Backstairs Passage and into American RiverGreat White Shark, 18 ftP
30/11/12unknown30/11/1208:00Greenly Beach, Eyre PeninsulaGreat White SharkA


unknownWreck beach, Pt LincolnGreat White SharkP
30/11/1214:1525/11/12unknownFisheries Bay, Left PointGreat White SharkP
29/11/1210:3929/11/12 09:04 West of Boston Island, Pt. Lincoln, adjacent to King Fish Farms.Great White Shark 
29/11/129:1819/11/12 - 25/11/12UnknownOlive Island near Streaky BayGreat White Shark 
28/11/128:4028/11/12< 8:30Sleaford near Port LincolnGreat White Shark 
28/11/128:4028/11/12< 8:30Fisheries Bay near Port LincolnGreat White Shark 
28/11/127:0527/11/12UnknownWreck Beach, Eyre Peninsula4m Great White Shark 
26/11/1217:09UnknownUnknownBrighton JettyUnknownS
26/11/129:0024/11/12-25/11/12UnknownEdithburgh jetty, Sultana Point and the bay at Coobowie within 500m of the coast.  17 ft Great White Shark 
19/11/1215:4019/11/12UnknownWestern end of Magazine Bay (approx 600 metres offshore.)12 ft Great White 
17/11/1212:4617/11/1212:40Between Second Valley and Rapid Bay 2km offshoreGrey Nurse Shark 
2/11/12Unknown 1/11/12UnknownSheringaPossibly a Great White Shark 
31/10/1213:3031/10/12UnknownBetween the Whyalla Marina and the one Steele jetty (town swimming  beach) - 100m from shoreGreat White Shark (16 ft in length) 
31/10/1210:5730/10/1222:453km off shore of GlenelgWhite Pointer 
30/10/1211:1029/10/1215:00Pondie surf break, Yorke Peninsula, Shark leaping out of waterPossible reef sharkP
28/10/12Unknown 28/10/12UnknownKiana Beach, Eyre Peninsula, within 500m from shoreGreat White Shark
27/10/12Unknown27/10/12UnknownKiana Beach, Eyre Peninsula, within 500m from shore2 x Great White SharksP
19/10/12Unknown19/10/12UnknownColes Point, near CumminsBronze Whaler (approx 3 meters in length) 
6/10/12Unknown 6/10/12UnknownDrummond Headland at Point Drummond Great White Shark 
3/10/1218:003/10/1218:00200m east of Point Turton boat ramp, 50m off shore2 x Great White SharkS
22/09/1208:2621/09/12 17:00In between Stansbury and Port VincentWhite Pointer 
27/08/12 26/08/12UnknownCarcass Rock near Cape Donnington near Port LincolnGreat White Shark – approx 15 ft in length 
23/08/1211:2323/08/1210:45Moana Beach, 100m off shoreUnknown 
03/08/12 31/07/12between 13:00 and 15:00Back Beach, Streaky Bay  
Squeaky Beach, Boston Island (S34.42.58 E135.56.56)
Great White Shark
Eastern side Boston Island, Port Lincoln
White Pointer, female, 5m

2km from Point Lowly, Spencer Gulf
White Shark. Not sure if great white or bronze whaler as below surface and only sighted once. Swam under boat after snapper pulled into boat.
Gull Rock (north end of Port Willunga Beach)
White Pointer 4m

Coopers - reef 3k, south of Port Hughes Jetty, 16FT water
White underneath and dark gray on top, large head
Dangerous Reef near Port Lincoln
Great White Shark

Liguanea Island
4 x Great White Shark (approx 3 to 3.5m in length)

30/03/1210:2528/03/12UnknownPoint Sir Isaacs (which is near Coffin Bay)Great White Shark (approx 12 ft in length) 
30/03/1210:3020/03/1214:30Maslins Beach, just south of car parkUnknown (2-3m) S
12/03/1211:1012/03/1209:30Stansbury - The PoleGreat White Shark (4.5 m in length) 
10/03/1216:0209/03/1213:00Stansbury - off the pole (a beacon)White Pointer 
22/02/12 18:12 22/02/12 18:13 50 m off shore Southport Beach Unknown. 2.5 m in length
22/02/12 11:40 22/02/12 11:40 50m of Brighton JettyUnknown. 4 m in length 
21/02/12  14:25 21/02/12 14:25 50m off Moana  Unknown. Two sharks between 2.5 and 3 m in length  R S 
21/02/12 12:00 21/02/12 12:00 50m off Moana Unknown. Two sharks between 2.5 and 3 m in length R S 
20/02/12 16:55 20/02/12 16:55 50m off Moana Unknown. 4m in length R S 
19/02/12unknown 19/02/12unknown Tennyson Beach near Moredun St Pt Jackson  P
16/02/12unknown08/02/12unknown100 metres offshore from the Aldinga Surf Life Saving ClubBronze Whaler (2 metres)S
12/02/12unknown12/02/12unknown Tennyson Beach near Moredun StPt Jackson P
31/01/1208:2228/01/1210:00Near Fishery Bay (which is near Port Lincoln)Great White, approx 8ft 
28/01/1211:0528/01/1210:30Sighted at rear of commercial fishing vessel between Seal Island and the Watchers at Elliston SAGreat White 
23/01/1217:2122/01/1219:30In between the river mouth and TriggsBronze Whaler P
23/01/1216:4822/01/1216:00Grange Tyre ReefGreat White P
23/01/1215:1023/01/1214:58Moana Beach. 150m offshoreUnknown. 3m in length S
23/01/1208:2223/01/1208:10Pt Willunga, South of Start of Greece. 350m-400m from shoreUnknown S
22/01/1214:3422/01/1206:00200m South west of Glenelg tyre reefWhite Pointer  P
22/01/1208:4022/01/1208:202-3nm off SemaphoreUnknown S
20/01/1218:4920/01/1218:45100m South of Grange Jetty. 200m-300m offshoreHammerhead S
20/01/1209:1719/01/1212:00North side of South Bank (Streaky Bay). 3 to 4 kms from shoreGreat White Shark approx 14 ft 
16/01/1216:3116/01/1216:20Port Willunga Beach. 100m offshore   P
15/01/1218:3915/01/1218:30Right hand side of West beach boat rampUnknown P
12/01/1214:5412/01/1214:00Hot spot which is a location 23 nm west of EllistonGreat White Shark approx 12 ft in length 
07/01/1218:0529/12/1112:52Victor Harbour. 2 metre White Pointer approximately 50m from shore heading from Victor Harbor to Horseshoe BayWhite Pointer S
07/01/1218:0528/12/1115:05About 3-4 metre shark approximately 300m offshore about 1nm of Grange Jetty heading SWUnsure of species 
07/01/1215:1106/01/1216:35Port Willunga. 150 metres from shoreUnknown S
07/01/1214:5807/01/1214:42Torrens Outlet in ankle depth water with broken dorsal fin2 feet Port Jackson Shark 
06/01/12unknown05/01/1213:37Christies Beach. 300 metres from shoreUnknown S
04/01/12unknown04/01/1216:34Port Willunga. 30 metres from shoreUnknown, possibly a Bronze Whaler. 2.5 m S
04/01/12unknownunknownunknownPoint Sir Isaacs near Coffin BayGreat White Shark 
04/01/12unknownunknownunknownReef Head near Coffin BayGreat White Shark 
03/01/12unknown03/01/12unknownHotspot (which is out from Elliston)12 foot Great White Shark 
02/01/12unknown02/01/12unknownHowards Rocks near Black Rocks, north of Thistle Island (Port Lincoln)12 foot Great White Shark 
02/01/12unknown02/01/12unknownReef Head near Coffin Bay12 foot Great White Shark 
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