2007 Shark sightings

The sightings listed here are compiled from third parties. They are seldom verified or confirmed and PIRSA Fisheries take no responsibility for the accuracy of the information and do not guarantee that the information on this website represents all known shark sightings.

The shark sightings recorded on this site do not necessarily indicate the presence or absence of sharks in any particular area. Remember that sharks are mobile creatures; hence a shark sighting provided may not be specifically accurate, valid or useful.

Care should be taken when interpreting any information on the shark sighting log. Many of the sightings have not been verified and in some instances there may be multiple sightings of the same shark listed.

Some sightings are reported several hours, and in some cases days, after the actual observation. Although these sightings are listed, the usefulness of this information should be considered in this context.

PIRSA excludes all liability to any person arising directly or indirectly from using this site and any information or material available on the site.

Identifier codes

P    Report from member of the public
R    Surf Life Saving South Australia observation from rotary wing aircraft
F    UniSA/State Emergency Services observation from fixed wing aircraft
S    Report from South Australia Police
A    Report from Abalone Divers Association
W   White Sharks Count program program (including sighting ID number) – these reports are provided some time after the sighting date

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Date of ReportTime of ReportDate of SightingTime of SightingSighting LocationShark SpeciesIdentifier
31/12/2007134031/12/07bronze whalerP
31/12/2007120030/12/071530500m off Henley BeachunknownP
31/12/200770031/12/2007030025kms North West from North Havenwhite sharkP
29/12/2007173029/12/200717151 mile offshore from airportunknownS
26/12/2007110025/12/071500Tumby Baywhite sharkP
20/12/2007210020/12/071700white sharkP
12/12/2007130012/12/2007500m off Cape JaffaunknownP
12/12/2007112011/12/20071200white sharkP
2/12/200715302/12/2007200m off Cape JaffaunknownP
28/11/2007120028/11/2007700m off WhyallaunknownP
26/11/2007130026/11/2007100m off Henley BeachunknownP
17/11/200716/11/2007Troubridge Islandunknown
11/11/2007180011/11/07150m off Port WillungaunknownS
30/10/2007190526/10/07500m off the Monument near Kingscoteunknown
11/09/2007190511/09/07near Emu Bay Jettyunknown
4/09/20074/09/2007Interaction near Waldgrave Islandwhite sharkA
26/08/200726/08/2007150m offshore at Hallett CoveunknownP
2/08/2007141802/06/07930Cowleds Landingwhite sharkA
2/08/2007141518/05/071030Point Lowlywhite sharkA
2/08/2007141311/05/071300Point Lowlywhite sharkA
2/08/2007135214/07/071300Spoggies (near Cactus Beach)white sharkA
28/07/2007134028/07/20071340200m offshore at SemaphoreunknownP
27/07/2007133027/07/2007133040m offshore at Henley Beachunknown - later confirmed by South Australian Police (SAPOL) patrol as sealP
23/03/20073023/03/200730Brighton near the jetty.unknownP
19/03/2007171517/03/2007Kingston SE near the boat rampunknownP
19/03/2007144019/03/20071440Tumby Bay near Red CliffsunknownP
17/03/200792017/03/2007920Two sharks at Tennyson near Trimmer ParadeunknownS
9/03/200718459/03/20071845Glenelg 5m offshoreunknownS
7/03/200722307/03/20072230Offshore at Largs Bay JettyunknownP
6/03/200710306/03/20071030Semaphore jetty close to shoreunknownP
5/03/200712305/03/20071230100m north of Seaford life saving clubunknownS
2/03/20079202/03/2007920Two sharks off Moana 30m offshoreunknownF
28/02/2007115028/02/20071150Offshore at SemaphoreunknownF
16/02/2007120016/02/20071200300m offshore at Largs NorthunknownF
16/02/200790016/02/2007900100m offshore at Streaky BayunknownP
13/02/2007183013/02/20071830500m offshore at MoanaunknownF
13/02/2007141013/02/2007930Grange Tyre ReefWhite PointerP
12/02/2007134512/02/20071345Aldinga BeachunknownF
12/02/2007115012/02/20071150Smoky Bay near Eyre Island on the West CoastWhite PointerP
12/02/2007114512/02/20071145Christies Beach between Horse Shoe Reef and shoreunknownP
9/02/200716309/02/20071630150m off Pt Noarlunga JettyunknownP
5/02/200714405/02/20071440Between Noarlunga and Christies Beach 50m offshoreunknownF
5/02/200712255/02/20071225Semaphore 150m offshore near Paxton RdunknownF
4/02/200715304/02/200715301.5km West of Cape Blanche at Scale Bay on the West CoastWhite PointerP
4/02/200715301/02/2007Offshore at Cape Bauer at Streaky BayWhite PointerP
4/02/200710404/02/20071040300m offshore at Wool Bay Yorke PeninsulaWhite PointerP
2/02/200713322/02/20071332Tyringa near Bairds Bay on the West coastWhite PointerP
2/02/200712102/02/20071210200m offshore near the Torrens River outletBronze WhalerP
31/01/2007125031/01/20071250300m offshore north of West Beach boat rampunknownP
31/01/200772531/01/2007725Offshore at Haslam Towards Acraman CreekWhite pointerP
30/01/2007163331/01/2007163350m offshore at Pt WillungaunknownF
30/01/2007161531/01/2007161550m offshore, Pt LincolnWhite PointerP
29/01/2007133026/01/2007St Kilda - approximately 7km offshoreWhite PointerP
29/01/2007150010/01/2007845Waldegrave Island, Eyre PeninsulaWhite PointerW
27/01/2007111527/01/20071115McLaren PointWhite PointerA
27/01/2007111527/01/20071115Taylor's IslandWhite PointerA
18/01/2007130018/01/20071300Boomer Beach Pt ElliotunknownP
16/01/2007135016/01/2007135030m off CarrickalingaunknownF
16/01/2007133016/01/20071330500m off Emu BayWhite PointerP
16/01/20079503/01/2007185020km South of WhyallaWhite PointerW
14/01/2007174514/01/20071745Between Henley Beach and GlenelgunknownP
14/01/2007133014/01/2007133010m off BrightonUnknownP
12/01/200185010/01/20071000Venus Bay entranceWhite PointerW
12/01/20078504/01/20071000Kelly Caves on the Eyre PeninsulaWhite PointerW
11/01/2007170011/01/2007170020m off Aldinga BeachUnknownF
11/01/2007160011/01/2007160050m of MoanaUnknownF
10/01/2007201510/01/2007100020km west of WallarooWhite PointerP
10/01/2007162010/01/2007162010m off Christies BeachUnknownS
10/01/2007130010/01/200713005km off North HavenWhite PointerF
10/01/2007120010/01/20071200300m off Grange JettyUnknownF
10/01/2007104010/01/20071040Semaphore Reef 2 to 3 km offshoreWhite PointerP
10/01/200710009/01/2007180032 km West of North Haven 2 sharksWhite PointerP
10/01/20078518/01/20071000Dust Hole Yorke PeninsulaWhite PointerP
10/01/20078296/01/20071500150m offshore at Henley BeachBronze WhalerR
10/01/20078296/01/20071142200m offshore at Henley BeachBronze WhalerR
10/01/20078296/01/20071130100m offshore at GrangeBronze WhalerR
9/01/200719309/01/20071930Near Onkaparinga mouth at South PortUnknownF
8/01/200717458/01/20071745Dove tail at Corny PointWhite PointerP
3/01/200713353/01/20071335Between Henley Beach and GrangeunknownF
3/01/200711403/01/20071140300m off Grange JettyunknownF
2/01/200715001/01/20071500Christies BeachunknownR
2/01/200715001/01/20071520AldingaBronze WhalerR
2/01/200715001/01/20071140Middleton PointHammerheadR
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