Reporting shark sightings

There are 2 types of shark sightings:

  • Attacks/sightings that pose an immediate threat to human life.
  • Sightings that do not pose an immediate danger to human life.

Report a shark attack/sighting that poses an immediate threat to human life

Immediately phone South Australian Police on 000.

Report a shark sighting that does not pose an immediate danger to human life

Offshore sharks

Report sharks that are:

  • greater than 3 metres in length
  • more than 500 metres off shore

to the 24-hour FISHWATCH hotline on 1800 065 522,  or via the shark reporting form or the SA Recreational Fishing Guide smartphone app.

Onshore sharks

Sightings of sharks adjacent to the coast, that are not an immediate danger to human life should be reported to South Australia Police on 131 444 (24-hours).

Patrolled beaches

Sightings on beaches patrolled by Surf Life Saving can be reported to SAPOL on 131 444 (24-hours) or Surf Life Saving SA on 13 78 73.

Online shark reporting

Use the online shark sighting report form to report sightings or see a list of recent shark sightings.

Information to give when reporting shark sightings

  • Location and number of sharks.
  • How close the shark is to shore.
  • How close the shark is to swimmers or other people.
  • Species of shark, if known.
  • Description and approximate size.
  • Any other details that may be relevant.

Identifying sharks

Learn more about identifying common sharks found in South Australia.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

View a list of shark sightings and reporting FAQs. (PDF 254.7 KB)

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