Tarpari Wellbeing Day in Port Pirie

'Looking forward - new beginnings' was the theme of this year's Tarpari Wellbeing Day in Port Pirie which was attended by a team from PIRSA Fisheries and Aquaculture for the first time.

They joined more than 50 stallholders for the biennial event at Memorial Park organised by SA Health.

"The Tarpari Wellbeing Day event is the only one of its kind in the region - it promotes health and wellbeing and it's a chance to showcase Aboriginal culture to the wider community," said Deryck Donovan, Senior Fisheries Officer, Trainee Coordinator.

"We attended for the first time this year after being approached by the Port Pirie Regional Health Service.

"Kids particularly loved the small Snapper, Garfish and big Blue Swimmer Crabs we had on ice and being able to pick them up.

"The patrol vessel was also pretty popular as were the educational showbags we handed out.

"People were also keen to hear about the Aboriginal Fisheries Officer Career Pathway Program - there were genuine and positive responses from Aboriginal community members which was fantastic."

Under the program, Aboriginal trainees receive mentoring from PIRSA staff to gain the skills and qualifications required for appointment as a Fisheries Officer.

Recruits undertake two years' on the job training, working in partnership with their local communities to inform and educate fishers about the rules and regulations that apply to fishing.

Trainees also undertake general patrol duties and attend school talks, field days and Aboriginal community and cultural events.

Deryck said the event was also used as an opportunity to promote and discuss size and bag limits and how they contribute to South Australia's sustainable fisheries sector.

The Tarpari Wellbeing Day this year had the theme 'Looking Forward - New Beginnings' and was focussed on the importance of eye health as part of a healthy, inclusive future.

You can read more about Tarpari Wellbeing Day and view a photo gallery online at The Port Pirie Recorder website.

Page Last Reviewed: 01 May 2018
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