Handling sharks and rays

Fishing for sharks and rays from the shore, boat or jetty is a popular activity, with most fishers adopting catch and release practices.

Did you know that the type of gear and handling procedures can affect survival rates?

PIRSA has developed a set of sharks and rays handling guidelines to help reduce fishing-related mortalities.

The advice includes gear and metropolitan fishing restrictions currently in place and aims to protect fishers from potential harm, while ensuring the survival of sharks and rays released back into the water.

Most people wrongly assume that because of the predatory nature of sharks and rays, they are strong and resilient to capture and handling. While this is the case for some species, all are potentially vulnerable to injuries during fishing.

Sharks and rays are generally long-lived, slow growing, late maturing species, which produce fewer offspring when compared to most bony fish. They also die slowly when left on the jetty or shore.

For more information visit www.pir.sa.gov.au/sharksandrays

Page Last Reviewed: 01 May 2018
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