Connecting fishers to seafood loving consumers

Customers will soon be able to buy seafood direct from the fishers, with the upcoming launch of Fair Fish.

Wildcatch Fisheries, the peak body for the commercial fishing industry in South Australia, is developing the Fair Fish website and smartphone app that connects seafood loving consumers with fresh fish direct from the fishers.

The service, which runs like a subscription based model, means customers prepay for a share of the commercial fishers catch, which is delivered weekly. It also informs the buyer of where the fish is caught, who caught the fish, their methods for catching the fish and recipe ideas.

Fair Fish already provides the service to various restaurants across the state, including Chianti, Peel Street, Africola, Orana and The Summertown Aristologist.

For more information visit the Fair Fish website.

Page Last Reviewed: 23 Jan 2018
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