Don't get caught on the hop these holidays

If you're planning to fish these school holidays or over Easter long weekend, make sure you’re across SA fishing rules.

Fishing is always a popular holiday activity, but before you cast a line or drop a net be sure to familiarise yourself with South Australian fishing rules.

Fishers are urged to brush up on fishing rules, including size, bag, boat and possession limits as well as permitted fishing gear and closure areas.

Fishing reminders:

  • Stick to the limits – Make sure you check the legal size, bag and boat limits for all species, the locations of fishing closures and aquatic reserves and you have the correct gear before heading out.
  • Properly handle fish you are returning to the water – Take the time to properly handle your catch to give it the best chance of survival on return to the water.
  • Bait and berley reminder - Fishers play a vital role in stopping the spread of aquatic pests and disease. Never use leftover or uncooked seafood – such as prawns, oysters, crabs and abalone – as bait or berley. Freeze them and throw them out with your household rubbish.
  • Report illegal fishing to Fishwatch – If you see someone doing the wrong thing – such as poaching, illegal netting, using an illegal devices or exceeding limits – report it via the SA Recreational Fishing Guide smartphone app, or to the 24-hour FISHWATCH number on 1800 065 522.

There are a range of information sources available, including:

  • SA Recreational Fishing Guide smartphone app – everything you need to know about SA fishing rules at your fingertips
  • Fishwatch 24-hour number – 1800 065 522
  • PIRSA website – - search limits, rules, closure information and more
  • SMS Fish - SMS a fish name to 0427 767 995 and receive an immediate text response with fishing limit information.

Fishcare Volunteers will also be out and about over the holiday period to assist fishers with any questions related to SA fishing rules.

Page Last Reviewed: 18 Apr 2019
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