Fisheries Officers

Fisheries Officers are employed by Primary Industries and Regions South Australia (PIRSA) to help protect our fisheries.

They are based all around South Australia. Their main role is to inform and educate fishers about the rules that apply to fishing.

Fisheries Officers also have powers to enforce the rules and regulations made under the Fisheries Management Act 2007.

Fisheries Officers have the power to:

  • Stop, enter, and search any boat or vehicle they suspect is involved in any fishing activity.
  • Seize fish, gear, and other equipment that has been used in an alleged offence. This includes boats or vehicles.
  • Issue written cautions and infringement notices for illegal fishing activities.
  • Check safety gear and licences.

More serious offences will be processed through the court system.

Fisheries Officers may not always be in uniform. They will always carry and show identification badges.

You are required by law to follow any direction given by a Fisheries Officer. You must give your correct name and address when asked.

Fisheries Officers also have powers under these legislations:

Marine Safety Officers from the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure have the authority to check fish catches. South Australian police officers also have powers under the Fisheries Management Act 2007.

Page Last Reviewed: 28 Jul 2017
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