Spencer Gulf Prawn Fishery management plan consultation

A draft management plan for the commercial Spencer Gulf Prawn Fishery has been released for comment.

The draft plan has been developed in consultation with the Spencer Gulf and West Coast Prawn Fishermen’s Association to guide the economically sustainable development of the fishery.

Public meetings

In addition to the consultation paper being released, a public meeting will be held for interested parties to find out more about the draft plan.

  • Tuesday 22 October 2019 – 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm – PIRSA, Level 14, 25 Grenfell St, Adelaide.

Please register your attendance at the public meeting by 21 October 2019.

A public hearing may be held at the conclusion of the public consultation, for attendees to be heard in relation to the draft plan.

  • Wednesday 27 November 2019 – 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm – PIRSA, Level 14, 25 Grenfell St, Adelaide.

Interested persons must register to attend the public hearing by 26 November 2019.

Have your say

All licence holders and interested parties can have their say on the draft management plan.

To have your say:

At the conclusion of the consultation, submissions will be made available to view at PIRSA, Level 14, 25 Grenfell St, Adelaide from 27 November 2019 to 4 December 2019.

Closing date

Feedback closes at 5.00 pm on Monday 25 November 2019.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of the documents please contact:

Steve Shanks
PIRSA Fisheries Manager
Email: steve.shanks@sa.gov.au
Phone: (08) 8429 0197

More information

More information about the Spencer Gulf Prawn Fishery

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