Seafood Advisory Forum

The State Government is seeking feedback on establishing a Seafood Advisory Forum.

The forum will work together to develop a 10-year growth plan to help grow South Australia’s seafood sector which contributes $814.5 million to the gross state product in addition to providing important social, cultural and economic value through recreational and Aboriginal traditional fishing

South Australia has many natural competitive advantages for seafood production and the Forum will facilitate strong and effective communication between all sectors to work towards growth in the seafood industry.

Survey closed

The survey closed at 12 am, Friday 23 August 2019.

We want to hear from you about the proposed role and scope of the Seafood Advisory Forum.

Role of forum

The proposed tasks of the forum include:

  • invite each fishery and aquaculture sector to create a growth plan
  • develop common approaches to cross cutting policy issues identified in the growth strategies that could be barriers to growth
  • understand each sector’s business environment, and market and industry trends
  • identify opportunities in value-added, underutilised or non-premium products
  • identify and leverage our competitive advantages and how they play a greater role in growing the seafood industry
  • work with our education and skills sector to identify training programs to support the skills and development of our seafood sector to build capacity, and
  • develop a strategic growth plan for the seafood industry that clearly identifies a vision, goals and strategies to achieve growth.

Read the consultation paper (PDF 1.1 MB)

Scope of forum

The Seafood Advisory Forum will develop a Seafood Growth Plan for South Australia and consider key issues for implementing the Plan.

The forum will develop common approaches to key policy issues to benefit commercial, recreational, Aboriginal traditional, aquaculture and seafood processing sectors to support their growth.

It will consider domestic and export markets, business development, and skills and training.

Sector-specific or operational management issues are outside the scope of the Seafood Advisory Forum.


Once the scope of the Seafood Advisory Forum has been finalised, a formal process for membership nominations will commence.

The forum will include commercial fishing, charter fishing, recreational fishing, Aboriginal traditional fishing, aquaculture and seafood processing.

Membership will comprise of:

  • Minister as Chair
  • Commercial fishing industry representative
  • Charter fisher representative
  • Aquaculture industry representative
  • Recreational fishing representative
  • Aboriginal traditional fishing representative
  • Fish processer representative

A number of observers will also be present during meetings:

  • PIRSA – SARDI scientific expert
  • PIRSA – Fisheries and Aquaculture representative
  • PIRSA – executive support for the forum

The forum may also request individuals with specific skills as required to attend.

Key dates

  • Scope of the forum finalised – 6 September 2019



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