Register third party interest in a fishing licence

Third parties can register interest in a fishing licence. This can include any type of interest in the licence. Complete a new form for each third party interest application.

Application to register an interest in a fishing licence (PDF 329.9 KB)

Third party interest holder rights

Registered third party interest holders have certain rights.

  • Licence transfers cannot be granted without consent of all registered interest holders.
  • Interest holders must be notified if there are prosecution proceedings in respect to the licence under the Fisheries Management Act 2007. Licences can be suspended or cancelled if registered third party interest holders are not notified.
  • Interest holders must give consent if a licence is being surrendered.

When third party interest holder consent is not required

Consent of a third party interest holder is not required when the licence holder:

  • transfers a registered device
  • relinquishes a registered device and doesn’t re-register it.

Cancel your interest as a third party in a fishing licence

Each third party interest cancellation requires a separate form.

Cancellation of third party interest form (PDF 182.5 KB)

More information

The public register has more information on licences.

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