Feedback on Marine Scalefish Fishery reform - Stage 1

The South Australian Marine Scalefish Fishery is undergoing historic reform, which includes a voluntary licence surrender program to remove up to 150 licences from the fishery.

New information is available to assist licence holders to decide if they want to remain in the fishery or voluntarily licence surrender their licence.

Stage 1 information includes:

  • boundaries of proposed management zones
  • indicative initial Total Allowable Commercial Catch (TACC) for the priority fish stocks to be managed under an Individual Transferrable Quota (ITQ) management system.

The proposed arrangements were informed by the Commercial Marine Scalefish Fishery Reform Advisory Committee (CMSFRAC), expert advice and the latest available scientific information from the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI).

Feedback provided by fishers will be considered by PIRSA as part of the reform process.

Stage 1 information

Proposed management zones

A map of boundaries for the four management zones – West Coast, Spencer Gulf, Gulf St Vincent/Kangaroo Island and South East – is now available. The proposed boundaries are aimed at providing separate regional management arrangements for the priority fish species; King George Whiting, Snapper, Garfish and Southern Calamari.

The proposed boundaries are based on the current marine fishing area reporting blocks and the biological stock structure of the priority species.

Priority species to be managed by ITQ

Information about which of the four priority species (King George whiting, snapper, Southern Garfish and Southern Calamari) will be managed by Individual Transferrable Quota (ITQ) by region.

Further marine scalefish species may be managed by ITQ. The Management Advisory Committee will utilise a Tiered Management Framework Tool (which will be released in Stage 2), to assist in its deliberations as to which additional species should be managed under ITQ.

Indicative initial Total Allowable Commercial Catch

The proposed Recommended Biological Catches (RBCs) and Total Allowable Commercial Catches (TACCs) for each species have been devised to maximise production while avoiding overfishing.

The recommended levels have been determined from the latest stock assessments and best available data for both the commercial and recreational sectors.

How to provide feedback on Stage 1

To provide feedback on the Stage 1 information:

  1. Read the Marine Scalefish Fishery reform – Stage 1 information (PDF 536.3 KB or DOCX 382.1 KB).
  2. Complete the Marine Scalefish Fishery reform online survey and have your say.

Next steps for the reform project

In mid July 2020, a second package of information will be released for licence holders to consider and provide feedback.

Licence surrender dates

All MSF and Restricted MSF licence holders have until Friday 13 November 2020 to decide if they want to remain in the fishery.

More information

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