Blue crab fishery

Fishery overview

The blue crab fishery takes blue crabs. Other species may be landed and sold as by-products or used as personal bait.

The blue crab fishery uses crab pots and bait nets. Most of the South Australian commercial catch is sold to Sydney and Melbourne markets.



Fishery licences are issued for the term of the management plan. The current management plan began on 1 January 2018 and will expire in 2022.


Commercial licence fees must be paid each financial year. Invoices are issued annually in June.

Payments can be made:

  • up-front
  • in a lump sum
  • in quarterly installments.

Transfer licence or quota

Blue crab fishery licences and quota entitlements are fully transferable. Quota units may also be transferred between blue crab fishery and the marine scalefish fishery licences.

Use the forms below to transfer a licence or quota:

Boat registration and de-registration

Every boat that is used for commercial fishing must be registered.

Use the application to vary a boat registration endorsement (PDF 266.4 KB) to register or de-register a boat.

Boat master registration

All people who act as a commercial fishing boat master must be registered by the licence holder. Multiple boat masters can be registered using the form below.

Application to change registration of a master/s (PDF 385.8 KB)

Blue crab fishery management

Management plan:

Stock assessment report:

Economic indicator reports:

Department of Environment

The Commonwealth Department of the Environment requires that all commercial fisheries that export product be assessed under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

For more information, go to the South Australian fisheries page on the Department of the Environment website.


The blue crab fishery is regulated by:


View the Ministerial determinations.

More information

See information about blue crab:

See the Blue Crab Fishery User Guide (PDF 835.7 KB) for more information on:

  • permitted species
  • size limits
  • commercial limits
  • gear rules
  • closures
  • licence transfers
  • demerit points.


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