Snapper closures in South Australia

Changes to Snapper closures from 1 November 2019

Snapper closures are changing from 00:01 hrs on 1 November 2019. Learn more about the Snapper management changes.

Current Spencer Gulf Snapper closures

The below closures in the Spencer Gulf are in place to from midday 15 December 2018 until midnight 31 October 2019 when a new Snapper closure takes effect.

The 5 closures each cover a 4km radius, centred around their coordinates:

  1. Estelle Star: latitude 33° 58.900' S, longitude 136° 50.900' E
  2. Jurassic Park: latitude 33° 54.700' S , longitude 137° 19.100' E
  3. Santa Anna: latitude 33° 36.300' S, longitude 137° 36.300' E
  4. Illusion: latitude 33° 28.900' S, longitude 137° 32.600' E
  5. Port Lowly: latitude 33° 01.000' S, longitude 137° 48.300' E

Within the areas of Estelle Star, Jurassic Park, Santa Anna and Illusion:

  • Fishing for any species is prohibited.
  • Possession of Snapper is prohibited. Do not carry Snapper you have caught in other waters into these closure zones.

Within the Point Lowly closure:

  • only Snapper fishing is prohibited
  • other fishing activities are allowed
  • possession of Snapper is allowed to enable transit to the Point Lowly boat ramp.

View a map of the 5 Spencer Gulf spatial closures (PDF 404.2 KB or PNG 282.7 KB)

View map of Point Lowly fishing closure to protect Snapper (PDF 245.8 KB or PNG 190.8 KB)

Charter boat fishing for Snapper

Charter Boats must observe all closures.

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