Intertidal reefs

Intertidal reefs are the rocky areas of coastline between the low and high tide marks.

It is illegal to remove any bottom dwelling organisms from any intertidal rocky reef in South Australia. This area is measured from the high water mark to a water depth of 2 metres.

Intertidal animals include:

  • abalone
  • barnacles
  • coral
  • crabs
  • limpets
  • mussels
  • shrimps
  • snails
  • worms.

Removing intertidal animals will reduce the fish population. Intertidal animals are a food source for animals up the food chain. Disrupting the intertidal animals will reduce food sources for fish. Healthy intertidal zones will help increase fish population.

Learn more about protecting intertidal reefs (PDF 275.8 KB)

Page Last Reviewed: 28 Nov 2018
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