Post bushfire advice for viticulture and horticulture producers

Following a bushfire there are a number of factors viticulture and horticulture producers should consider when restoring their properties after a fire.

  1. Inspect Vineyards & Orchards for damage

Fire damage in vineyards and orchards can affect trees in different ways from scorching of leaves to fully killing the plant. It is important to adequately assess how your plants have been impacted before deciding on a path of action. Information on how to assess your crop is available here.

For plants that are still alive it is important to ensure irrigation infrastructure is working as soon as possible to minimise further damage.

  1. Repair essential infrastructure

If your power is out, check when this is expected to be returned. You may wish to consider whether to source a mobile generator if necessary.

If there are burnt or melted pipes, review what repairs are necessary and order the necessary pipes from your local irrigation store.

  1. Disposal and reporting of burnt infrastructure

It is important to properly dispose of burnt or melted infrastructure. Call PIRSA’s bushfire hotline – 1800 255 556 – to help us determine volumes for disposal as part of our assessment of agricultural impacts following a fire.

PIRSA’s 24-hour Bushfire hotline: 1800 255 556

To assist in the assessment of agricultural impacts following a fire, PIRSA takes calls on its Bushfire Hotline to quantify fire damage in relation to:

  • orchards/vineyards, other crops or livestock;
  • essential infrastructure; or
  • access issues for business services (e.g. workers, power supplies etc.)

Mental Health resources

Most people will suffer stress and grief after living through a traumatic event such as a bushfire. Often the emotional impacts are relatively mild and reduce over the initial days and weeks. However, some people may need additional support to help them cope. For more information go to or call 13 14 65

Page Last Reviewed: 30 Dec 2019
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