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Replacing equipment and machinery after a bushfire

Replacing equipment and machinery lost during a bushfire with equipment and machinery from outside of South Australia has biosecurity risks. Know what the risks are and make sure you provide PIRSA with the required certificates.

Call PIRSA Biosecurity on (08) 8207 7900 if you have questions or need help.

Horticultural machinery

You’ll need a Plant Health Import Certificate to bring machinery into South Australia. This includes machinery used for the production of potatoes and grapes.

Farm machinery

A Plant Health Certificate isn’t needed for clean broad acre machinery unless it’s from a high-risk area. A Machinery declaration is required to confirm the machinery is clean and not from a high-risk area.

Apiary equipment

For information on replacement apiary equipment, visit the apiary bushfire recovery page.

Page Last Reviewed: 22 Jan 2020
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