I'm not a farmer or producer but I want to help bushfire recovery

Not a primary producer but want to help?

Here’s what you can do.


Donating money can help communities recover. It lets people buy the things they really need.

SA bushfire appeal

Some appeals are scams, so don’t get caught out. Check ScamWatch for the latest news on fundraising scams.


Are you trained for emergencies or a member of an official response organisation, such as SA Veterinary Emergency Management (SAVEM)?

If yes, you can volunteer to help stressed and injured animals. Contact SAVEM.

If no, you might mean well but could get in the way, place yourself and others at risk, or unintentionally act illegally by handling animals without the appropriate authorisation or training.

But you could still help! Contact SAVEM to see what you can do. Training is also available through SAVEM.

You can also register with Volunteering SA and NT to help with bushfire recovery.

Finding stray livestock

If you find stray livestock and the animal seems to have a National Livestock Identification System tag in its ear, call the PIRSA agriculture and livestock hotline: 1800 255 556. We may be able to identify the animal and contact the owner.

Help injured wildlife and lost animals

Call SAVEM on 0477 055 233 if an injured or stray animal needs help.

Leave deceased wildlife

If you see deceased wildlife or pest animals in their natural environment, leave the bodies to decompose.

Page Last Reviewed: 22 Jan 2020
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