PIRSA recovery hotline 1800 931 314

Infrastructure recovery after a bushfire

Call the PIRSA recovery hotline if you need help or have questions about your farm infrastructure.

Burnt infrastructure

Burnt or melted infrastructure needs to be disposed of properly. See the Green Industries SA website for information on waste disposal following bushfires.


Restoring boundary fencing will be a priority, but rethinking internal fencing could have long-term benefits by improving paddock layout. You can find planning support through the Department for Environment and Water’s Nature Maps.

Re-fencing after a bushfire

Consider the following when re-fencing after a bushfire:

  • Beware of dead trees and limbs falling along fence lines.
  • Fences in creeks may have debris washed into them.
  • This might be an opportunity to change paddock layouts and fence types.
  • Tanks, pipes, and troughs needing replacement can be relocated.

Damaged electrical equipment

Keep away from any electrical equipment damaged during the bushfire. Report it to SA Power Networks by calling 13 13 66.

If there is no mains power, consider purchasing a generator to use in the short term.

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