PIRSA recovery hotline 1800 931 314

Apiary recovery after a bushfire

PIRSA will contact registered apiarists to find out how the bushfire has affected hives.

We will ask:

  • if you lost hive or apiary-related infrastructure or products
  • how many hives were destroyed
  • how many hives are intact but weakened
  • what are your estimated total losses
  • if you need help accessing water.

Immediate apiary assistance after a bushfire

Call the PIRSA agriculture and livestock hotline for urgent assistance after a bushfire.

PIRSA agriculture and livestock hotline: 1800 255 556

Ongoing apiary management

Contact the PIRSA recovery hotline for information on recovery after a bushfire

PIRSA recovery hotline: 1800 931 314

Replacing apiary equipment after a bushfire

You’ll need a Health Certificate for Interstate Movement of Bees and Bee Products to bring used hives and equipment into South Australia.

Hives must meet PIRSA approvals before being used.

Restrictions apply to apiary equipment for Kangaroo Island

Beekeepers on Kangaroo Island are reminded of the significant biosecurity restrictions on honeybees and their related items and equipment. Apiary products can only enter Kangaroo Island after they’ve been tested and declared free of disease by PIRSA.

Kangaroo Island beekeepers wanting to introduce permitted beekeeping equipment should call Biosecurity SA on (08) 8207 7900 to make sure their purchases are approved.

For KI beekeepers, a partial summary of what is permitted entry includes:

  • Honeybee hive material – hive components not containing beeswax, if new.
  • Honeybee appliances – hive tools, protective equipment, smokers, brushes, extractors and associated plant, honey containers, hive feeders, equipment for queen rearing/ shipping, etc. if new.
  • Beeswax – including beeswax foundation and beeswax used to coat frames, if sterilised.
  • Bee feed containing honeybee products – including honey and pollen – if sterilised.
  • Bee feed containing no honeybee products – including sugar syrups and protein substitutes.

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