SureSeed quality assurance program

Seed Services Australia offers a seed quality assurance program called SureSeed®.

The SureSeed® program offers a lower cost alternative to seed certification schemes. It allows growers and seed companies to produce high quality seed for sowing and is particularly suited to lower value, broadacre crop seed species.

SureSeed® was jointly developed between Seed Services Australia and DDLS Seed Testing and Certification (formerly AGWEST Plant Laboratories).

How to apply

  1. Complete the Application for SureSeed® Program or PDF version (PDF 193.6 KB).
  2. Send completed form with a farm map and a copy of the ‘Certificate of Analysis’ for each sowing, to the postal address below.

Program features

  • Approval and audit of crop inspectors and seed testers.
  • Inspections by trained crop inspectors
  • Quality assurance documentation and husbandry measures to reduce contamination.
  • Sale of seed in bulk or bagged lots.
  • Sale by SureSeed® Certificate of Analysis.
  • Seed analysis by ISTA accredited seed laboratories

Eligible varieties

All registered varieties of broadacre and pasture crops can be grown within the SureSeed® program. Other species may be approved on request.

Selling SureSeed® seed lots

Seed produced within the SureSeed® program must be:

SureSeed® can be sold in bulk or bagged lots.

SureSeed® provides integrity

The SureSeed® program provides integrity by applying:

  • Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development seed scheme principles
  • International Seed Testing Association rules
  • Australian Seed Federation national code of practice for seed labelling and marketing
  • quality assurance risk management principles.


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