Our consulting team

Our consultants live in or nearby to South Australian farming communities. They understand local issues, the challenges facing today’s farmers and the importance of agribusiness to the South Australian economy.

As well as providing a range of valuable local consulting services many are also involved in significant state wide projects and are active on the ground during emergencies affecting our primary industries such as bushfires, pests, diseases and drought.

Rural Solutions SA consultants are well recognised and highly regarded in their fields of expertise often making valuable contributions to policy development and departmental strategy on behalf of the regions and industry.

Following detailed assessment of client needs during the project scoping phase our consultants develop a detailed proposal outlining a science based methodology and approach to ensure the right advice is provided for your specific circumstances. They are a team of highly experienced consultants committed to providing value for money advice that can be relied upon to make sound business decisions.

Contacts list and profiles for Rural Solutions SA consultants.

Page Last Reviewed: 18 Feb 2015
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