Using poison baits in South Australia

When using poison baits it is a legal requirement under the Agricultural and Veterinary Products (Control of Use) Act 2002 to:

  • use bait products that are registered for use in South Australia
  • follow product label instructions and Directions for Use
  • not possess or use 'home-made' baits.

Baiting with 1080 and PAPP poison

Land managers can control some pest animals on their property using:

  • 1080 (sodium fluoroacetate) baits
  • 1080 capsules for Canid Pest Ejectors
  • PAPP (para-aminopropiophenone) baits.

1080 poison baits can be used for:

  • feral foxes
  • wild dogs
  • wild rabbits
  • feral pigs.

PAPP poison baits can be used for:

  • feral foxes
  • wild dogs.

How to order and collect 1080 and PAPP baits

Contact your Natural Resources office for information on how to get, store and use 1080 or PAPP baits on your property.

Landholders and managers are reminded that they will have to sign an Approval to Possess 1080 and PAPP Bait form when they collect baits from their local NRM officer.

If you can't collect baits in person, you must nominate a collecting agent and fill out an Approval for Nominated Agent to Collect form (PDF 101.0 KB). The agent must bring this completed form with them to collect the baits.

Notify neighbours before using poison baits

You must notify all neighbours before using any poison baits on a property.

Neighbour notification letter templates are available for:

All notifications must be recorded on a Neighbour notification record sheet (PDF 370.0 KB or DOCX 22.9 KB) and kept for 2 years.

How to use poison baits safely for each pest animal

Always follow the Directions for Use and read the Safety Data Sheet.

Pest bird bait safety

For information on poison for bird control, contact a licensed pest controller.

Feral cat bait safety

There is no poison registered in South Australia for the control of feral cats. PIRSA is collaborating with agencies throughout Australia to nationally register a poison bait for this purpose.

Mice bait safety

There are a number of registered bait products available to control mice. Contact your local chemical retailer for advice on the right product for your circumstances.


Contact your Natural Resource Management Board for information on how to get, store and use 1080 or PAPP baits on your property.

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