Reporting alert pest animals

Report alert pest animals found on your property to Biosecurity SA - Invasive Species Unit, your regional Natural Resources office or the National Pest Alert hotline.

Check the alert pest animals fact sheets to identify the animal and then do one of the following:

  • Humanely destroy the animal if identified as a declared pest but cannot be captured.
  • Capture and contain the animal if it cannot be identified but you suspect it is an alert pest (Do not your safety or others at risk.  If there is any imminent risk to public safety contact SAPOL immediately).
  • Capture and contain the animal if identified but cannot be destroyed.
  • Record the animal’s details, the location and conditions, particularly if it cannot be identified or captured.

Captured animals must be held securely and given food, water and shelter.

Keep the carcasses of destroyed animals for identification and testing.

Report what has happened at once to:

  • Biosecurity SA - Invasive Species Unit phone (08) 8303 9620
  • Your regional Natural Resource office
  • National Pest Alert hotline freecall 1800 084 881.
Page Last Reviewed: 22 Dec 2014
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