Feral goats

Controlling feral goats on your property

Landholders are responsible for the satisfactory control of feral goats on their properties under the Natural Resources  Management Act 2004

Controlling escaped goats

Goat owners need an opportunity to recover escaped animals. If you believe any goats on your property have an owner, you must not destroy or sell the animals until you have:

  • served the owner with a notice requesting the animals be removed from your property.
  • given the owner time to remove the animals.

Detailed information on serving legal notices and minimum notification time are available in section 28 of the Natural Resources Management (General) Regulations 2005.

Control methods

Regular mustering and intensive shooting are the primary methods for controlling feral goats.

Detailed feral goat control techniques are available on the:

Feral goat survey

As part of the current review of the statewide feral goat management policy, PIRSA Biosecurity SA is seeking feedback from pastoralists on the viability of temporary district goat depots as a potential management tool.

More information about the feral goat survey


Feral goat control advice

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