Alert pest animals in South Australia

Alert pest animals are introduced animals that are declared under the Natural Resources Management Act 2004. Landowners must report any on their property as soon as possible.

They are a serious threat but have little or no impact because they:

  • have not yet arrived in South Australia
  • may only be here in very low numbers
  • are held in captivity.

Prohibited exotic animal pets: why control pets (PDF 341.9 KB)



Early detection is important so the animal can be destroyed before it becomes a problem.

Report an alert pest animal

Fact sheets

Alert pest animals and alert pest animal fact sheets by category.

Aquatic amphibian

Aquatic bird

Aquatic reptile

Terrestrial bird

Terrestrial mammal


For state policy advice

Biosecurity SA - Invasive Species Unit:

For regional control advice

  • Landscape South Australia: Landscape boards
  • National Pest Alert Hotline (Freecall): 1800 084 881
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