Importing diagnostic material and farm machinery

You need a Plant Health Import Certificate to import diagnostic material or horticultural machinery into South Australia.

Complete and supply form in Microsoft Word format:

Plant health import certificate (DOC 499.5 KB)

Email your application to at least 2 working days before the date required. Fees apply.

Changes to agricultural/broad acre machinery entry requirements

Plant Health Import Certificates are no longer required for clean broad acre machinery unless it is located in a high risk area. A Machinery Declaration (PQS Appendix 9) is however required to attest the machinery is clean and has not been recently used in a high risk area.

Machinery Declaration

Condition 27 of South Australia's Plant Quarantine Standard (PQS) describes high risk areas.

Machinery used for the production of potatoes and grapes

Plant Health Import Certificates and a Plant Health Certificates or Plant Health Assurance Certificates are still required for machinery used for the production of potatoes (from PCN linked or infected land or to enter Kangaroo Island) and grapes:

  • under condition 18.5 and 18.10 of the PQS
  • under condition 7A of the PQS
  • from high risk areas indicated in condition 27 of the PQS.

View South Australia's Plant Quarantine Standard (PQS)


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