Emergency Plant Pests

Call the Emergency Plant Pest Hotline: 1800 084 881 to report any pest or disease that you believe could be an Emergency Plant Pest. Calls to the Hotline are free on landline phones.

What are Emergency Plant Pests

Emergency Plant Pests are pests and diseases of such concern they are considered a national threat. Emergency Plant Pests are either:

  • not present in Australia
  • present in Australia and under an official containment and/or eradication program.

Anyone who suspects or diagnoses an Emergency Plant Pest is legally required to report it immediately. Failure to report may result in a fine or prosecution, see Section 2 - Part 3 - Declaration of Pests in the Plant Quarantine Standard South Australia.

List of Emergency Plant Pests

A full list of Emergency Plant Pests is shown in:

The top most significant plant pests and diseases not present in Australia are:

Plant pests and diseases of significant concern present in Australia but under official control are:

Reporting suspected cases

Quick reporting can prevent a major outbreak.

If you detect a disease or pest you can report by:

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