Giant pine scale

Giant pine scale (Marchalina hellenica) is a scale insect that sucks the sap of pine trees. If established, the insect poses a threat to Australia’s softwood plantation industry by causing:

  • branch dieback
  • gradual desiccation
  • tree death.

Giant pine scale has been previously detected in Victoria and metropolitan Adelaide.

Giant pine scale has:

  • not been found in other parts of Australia
  • not been detected in any pine plantations.

In Victoria, giant pine scale was found in such large numbers that it could not be effectively controlled and it is no longer possible to eradicate the pest from Australia.

Who to contact for control advice and options

It is expected that infestations will be found in South Australia from time to time. If you find giant pine scale affecting your trees seek advice from a local pest controller or arborist to determine the most suitable control option.

Call the Emergency Plant Pest Hotline on 1800 084 881 to advise PIRSA Biosecurity of any detections of Giant Pine Scale.

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