Keeping Kangaroo Island safe from pests and disease

What you need to know when travelling to Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is a popular tourist destination for Australians and international visitors. Its remoteness boasts a unique environment that is free from many pests and diseases found on mainland Australia.

Every time someone travels to the Island, there is a risk that pests or diseases could be introduced. This has the potential to devastate the local environment and agricultural industries. We need to work together to protect Kangaroo Island’s biosecurity.

Items you cannot bring to Kangaroo Island

When travelling to Kangaroo Island, you cannot bring any of the following items with you.

Bee and honey products

This includes:

  • bees
  • bee handling (apiary) equipment
  • honey, honeycomb
  • beeswax products.

These items can spread disease which could threaten a significant industry on Kangaroo Island.


Unwashed or dirty potatoes intended for eating or planting cannot be brought onto the island. They may carry disease which could devastate the local seed potato industry.

You may bring washed or brushed potatoes that are in new (unopened) packaging for eating.

Animal and plant pests

Animal and plant pests impact agricultural industries and create environmental problems.

Do not bring:

Permits for keeping animals

Deer, goats and ferrets may be kept with a permit. Contact Landscape SA Kangaroo Island for more information.

Checks of travellers to Kangaroo Island

When travelling to Kangaroo Island you may encounter a random biosecurity check. Our staff are stationed at Cape Jervis Ferry Terminal and Kingscote Airport and will be looking for restricted items.

Amnesty bins are available at all entry points to Kangaroo Island. If you have a restricted item, you may dispose restricted items in these bins.

Other things you can do to help

Keep your car, boat and equipment clean

Before travelling to Kangaroo Island check items such as:

  • cars, machinery and vehicles
  • camping equipment
  • hiking boots
  • other outdoor equipment.

These items could contain residual plant material like weed seeds, animal and plant diseases. Make sure they are free of soil.

Your boat and boating equipment can also carry marine pests. Make sure they are clean before leaving for the island.

Practice good farm biosecurity

When visiting local farms or agricultural land, ensure you follow instructions before entering the property. Farm biosecurity is designed to protect a property from the entry and spread of pests and diseases.

Report sightings of pests

If you see an animal or plant pest while on Kangaroo Island, please report it immediately to PIRSA Kingscote on 08 8553 4949.

Pests include:

  • feral pigs
  • foxes
  • rabbits
  • ferrets
  • declared weeds
  • feral goats
  • feral deer
  • European wasps.

More information

Kangaroo Island Biosecurity Strategy 2017 to 2027

Page Last Reviewed: 23 Apr 2021
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