Fruit Fly Resources

South Australia has a zero tolerance to fruit fly. A suite of resources and promotional material is available to help spread the word and keep SA fruit fly free.

Official social media channels

For the latest fruit fly advice and outbreak information, follow and share content from PIRSA’s channels:

Key messages

Use our key messages and content below are free for your organisation to use.

Fruit fly outbreak actions

  • Keep fruit fly out of your backyard. If you live in a #FruitFly outbreak or suspension area, take action to help us eradicate this pest.
  • Your home-grown fruit and veg must stay at home. You can’t move or sell home-grown produce online or at local community swap meets. Instead cook or preserve your home-grown fruit and veg. Do the right thing and help keep SA #fruitfly free
  • Be a #FruitFlyFighter and clean up any fallen fruit from the ground at your property – it breaks the life cycle of #FruitFly and stops them reproducing.
  • Place unwanted fruit and vegetables in your green bin – do not compost.

Travelling into South Australia

  • If you’re travelling into South Australia, do not bring fresh fruit or fruiting vegetables into SA or the Riverland – or you could face a $375 fine. Plan your trip and help keep SA fruit fly free #fruitfly #fruitflyfighter
  • South Australia has zero tolerance measures in place to help keep SA fruit fly free. Dispose of any fruit and fruiting vegetables at quarantine bins throughout SA or face penalties. Our growers depend on you! #fruitfly #fruitflyfighter
  • Don’t risk getting caught! A $375 fine applies to anyone bringing fruit and fruiting vegetables across the South Australian border. Do the right thing and keep SA fruit fly free! #fruitfly #fruitflyfighter

Travelling to the Riverland

  • Planning an escape to the Riverland? Leave the fruit and veggies at home and buy local.
  • With all of the Fruit Fly Outbreaks currently across Adelaide, we wouldn't want you to accidentally bring a pest with you that could destroy SA's fruit-growing industry.
  • Enjoy the Riverland, just leave your fruit and veg at home.

Digital resources

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Printable resources

The following resources are available to print:

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