Fruit Fly Hotline: 1300 666 010 Riverland Industry Hotline: 1800 255 556

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Fruit Fly in South Australia

Travelling into South Australia or the Riverland

Plan your trip and do not bring fresh fruit or fruiting vegetables into South Australia or the Riverland. You could face a $375 fine.

Zero tolerance measures are in place at the Yamba Quarantine Station and at random roadblocks. You cannot declare fruit or fruiting vegetables at these points.

Use the quarantine bins provided and keep South Australia fruit fly free. Our growers depend on you.

Which fruit and vegetables can I bring into SA?

Use our handy Food Checker to see what fresh fruit and fruiting vegetables you can and cannot bring into South Australia.

Current fruit fly outbreaks in SA

View current outbreaks in SA and find out what you need to do if you live or work in an outbreak area.

Identify and report – fruit fly hotline

If you find maggots in fruit, fruiting vegetables, or other plants, call the 24-hour fruit fly hotline on 1300 666 010.

Even if you’re not sure, report it as soon as possible. We take all calls on fruit fly seriously and will treat them confidentially.

Learn how identify and report fruit fly.

SA fruit fly map

This interactive map displays the locations of Quarantine Stations, Quarantine Bins and the Riverland Pest Free Area.

How to use the map

You can use the:

  • LOCATION SEARCH box near the top of the map to find towns, postcodes or addresses
  • NAVIGATION tools to zoom in and out
  • MY LOCATION tool to zoom into your current location

Quarantine stations and disposal bins

You must stop at quarantine stations. Your vehicle will be checked for any fresh fruit, vegetables, other plants or plant products.

If caught with fresh fruit or vegetables at the Yamba Quarantine Station, you will be fined.

From 1 January 2021 the $375 fine for individuals caught travelling into South Australia with restricted fresh fruit and fruiting vegetables will increase to $405 due to an increase to the victims of crime levy.

Highways that do not have quarantine stations have quarantine bins where you must dispose of all restricted items.

Quarantine Station Locations

Permanent quarantine stations are located on the:

Disposal Bin Locations

Fruit fly reporting hotline

To report suspected fruit fly, phone the 24 hour Fruit Fly Hotline on 1300 666 010.

Page Last Reviewed: 30 Mar 2020

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