Loxton Fruit fly outbreak eradicated

The Loxton area quarantine restrictions have been lifted due to the successful eradication of Queensland fruit fly (Q-fly).

Affected areas were Newton Road bounded by Barker Street to the north and Middleton Road to the East.

Restrictions still apply for bringing in fresh fruit and vegetables into the Riverland Fruit Fly Exclusion Zone from within South Australia. If travelling into the Riverland please don’t bring in fresh fruit and vegetables unless you are carrying an itemised receipt showing that it was purchased in South Australia.

Learn how to protect the Riverland from fruit fly.

Market access for Riverland producers

Not all international markets immediately recognise the reinstatement of the Loxton outbreak area as a Pest Free Area (PFA) once domestic recognition has been established.

Riverland producers should check the FAQs for current information and export requirements (PDF 163.4 KB or DOCX 148.9 KB).

Page Last Reviewed: 15 May 2019
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