Artisan on-farm meat processing on Kangaroo Island: Frequently Asked Questions

Can livestock be killed/processed without food safety accreditation?

Yes, but only if the product doesn’t leave the property, is not sold or intended for sale, or used for business purposes.

Can livestock be killed/processed on farm for commercial purposes?

Yes, only if food safety accreditation is held by the premises and relevant standards are complied with.

Do I need accreditation if my meat is processed at accredited businesses and I deliver to my customers or local farmers markets?

Meat can be processed at accredited businesses – e.g. kill, cut and pack. However, if you are to transport and/or store meat and meat products for commercial purposes, accreditation is required and relevant standards must be complied with (e.g. operating refrigeration – eskys and ice packs are not allowed).

Can alternative processes be used?

Yes, processes must be equivalent to the standards and approved by the controlling authority (which is PIRSA Biosecurity SA in South Australia). Options include:

  • Utilising existing accredited facilities e.g. local butcher for further processing (boning) and value adding.
  • Establishing a small scale shared multi-species facility for primary processing (note: red and white meat require different arrangements and separate kill and processing areas).
  • Establishing a small scale shared multi-functional facility for primary processing, further processing and/or value adding.
  • Establishing a mobile facility which is accredited and travels to the livestock for kill and processing. Meat could be packed at accredited premises.
  • Establishing separate facilities for different purposes – kill/processing/value adding.
Page Last Reviewed: 22 Oct 2018
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