Livestock Disease Surveillance

The Livestock Disease Surveillance program is aimed at:

  • providing laboratory data to support proof of animal disease freedom, which enables us to trade in livestock and livestock products internationally
  • early detection or exclusion of emergency animal diseases.

The program contracts private rural practitioners to investigate and collect laboratory samples from animal disease incidents. Collected samples are sent to the State veterinary laboratory, Gribbles VETLAB.

Subsidies towards laboratory fees and/or veterinary time may be available depending on the investigation.

Veterinarians must follow program guidelines, correct procedures and documentation to be eligible for subsidies.

Full details are available in the Livestock Disease Surveillance subsidy guide (PDF 1.2 MB).

Base level herd/flock investigation

  • For investigation of herd/flock issues with a potential infectious cause, but without any suspicion of an exotic or unusual disease.
  • Eligible cases receive up to $700 of laboratory testing subsidy (some exclusions apply).

Significant disease investigation

For investigation of herd/flock issues with:

  • significant morbidity, mortality or rate of spread, or
  • where initial diagnostics and treatment fails to produce expected response (revisit required), and
  • there is only a low suspicion of an exotic disease (if any).

Eligible cases receive:

  • a subsidy for all reasonable laboratory testing
  • $225–$600 subsidy towards veterinary fees (consultation and/or post mortem).

Prior approval of PIRSA veterinary officer required.

Claims are to be submitted online. Make sure you have all information about the case ready to go. If your clinic is not in the list provided on the form, please contact your local PIRSA veterinary officer to request to be added. All claims are verified against the records in our database for appropriate laboratory testing (notifiable disease rule-out) and prior approval by a PIRSA veterinary officer.

Submit your Significant Disease Investigation Subsidy Claim.

Exotic or ‘new’ disease investigation

  • For investigation of cases where there is a high level of suspicion of an exotic or unusual disease (herd/flock or individual animals).
  • All reasonable laboratory, veterinary fees and travel costs will be paid by PIRSA.

Prior approval of PIRSA veterinary officer required.

Case report template (if required) (DOCX 111.5 KB)

Horse Submission Questionnaire (if required) (PDF 107.6 KB)

Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies (TSE) Program

  • In cases where there is an individual animal (cattle/sheep) with progressive neurological signs, meeting specific program eligibility criteria
  • Veterinary and producer incentives available for submission of eligible cases.

See more information about TSE.

The information gained from these investigations is stored and analysed by Biosecurity SA veterinarians to track and monitor disease trends. It is also used for animal and animal product certification.

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