Sheep Industry Fund projects

Animal health

Ovine Johne’s disease (OJD) Control Program

Primary Industries & Regions SA (PIRSA) Biosecurity SA

This ongoing project aims to slow the spread of the Johne’s disease within South Australia.  To date the program has been successful (especially on Kangaroo Island), reducing adverse economic and animal health and welfare effects on individual flocks, and the wider SA sheep industry.

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Ovine Footrot Control Program

PIRSA Biosecurity SA

A program ensuring that Ovine footrot does not reduce the productive capacity of sheep flocks in the high rainfall areas of the SA.  This bacterial disease results in lameness leading to reduced body weight and growth, decreased wool production and some restricted access to interstate markets (New South Wales and Western Australia).

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Sheep Lice Control Program

PIRSA Biosecurity SA

A compliance program designed to minimise the spread of sheep lice through the monitoring of key sheep and lamb markets and follow up investigations on straying sheep. It is an offence under the Livestock Regulations 2013 to present lice infested sheep at a market, and to allow lice infested sheep to stray. Owners of sheep that have lice detected at a market may be issued on-the-spot fines of $315. Repeat offenders may be prosecuted.

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One Biosecurity Coordination

PIRSA Biosecurity SA

One Biosecurity is a new approach aiming to combine the efforts of a multitude of programs into a single entity, emphasising producer awareness and implementation of on-farm biosecurity practices, with the absence of specific diseases as indicators of good biosecurity practices.


Enhanced Abattoir Surveillance

PIRSA Biosecurity SA

This co-funded program (with Animal Health Australia) provides valuable information to producers about their sheep's health as observed at slaughter, reporting on 21 conditions in sheep and lambs. This underpins the PIRSA delivered Animal Health programs and support access for SA sheepmeat into domestic and international markets.  Inspectors currently operate at the Thomas Foods International (TFI) Lobethal and Murray Bridge abattoirs.

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National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) Sheep Compliance

PIRSA Biosecurity SA

Ensures compliance with livestock identification and traceability of sheep and lambs.  The mob-based system uses visually readable ear tags which stay with the animal for life.  Animals can be traced back to the property of birth and/or last property of residence, supporting emergency preparedness and access for SA sheepmeat into domestic and international markets.

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Predator control

Dog Fence Board

PIRSA Biosecurity SA

This is a co-funded program maintains the South Australian section of the dog fence which protects the sheep flocks to the south from predators to the north.

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Box Flat Wild Dog Control

Department of Environment and Water (DEW)

This co-funded program aims to assist public and private landholders with best practice wild dog control within the “Box Flat” area.  Protecting the local sheep industry from the adverse impacts of wild dogs in the area around the Ngarkat Conservation Park, up to and including Billiatt Conservation park if necessary.

Biteback – Continuing Coordinating Behavioral Change in Dingo Control

Department of Environment and Water (DEW)

This co-funded program assists landholders to implement best-practice wild dog control methods across South Australia’s pastoral districts, predominantly in areas south of the SA dog fence. Landholders coordinate baiting, trapping and other control activities, combating livestock predation estimated to cost the nation $66.3 million annually.

Learn more about the Biteback program.


Livestock SA Contribution

Livestock SA

Proportional co-funding to support the continuation of Livestock SA (LSA) the peak agri-political organisation representing all producers of food and fibre from sheep, cattle and goats in South Australia.  The LSA’s activities include policy and strategic development and representing these industries at a Government, Industry and the Community level.  LSA also represents SA sheep producers at the national level with membership on the peak industry bodies of WoolProducers Australia and the Sheepmeat Council of Australia.

Short term projects

The following short term projects are being supported by the Sheep Industry Fund in 2017-18.
  • SA Sheep Industry Blueprint (Livestock SA)
  • SheepConnect SA Communications (Rural Solutions SA)
  • WoolTAG Shearer & Wool Handler Toolbox (Livestock SA)
  • SA Sheep Expo


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