Proposed industry funding to rebuild the SA Dog Fence

South Australia’s 2,150 km Dog Fence plays an essential role in protecting South Australia’s $4.3 billion livestock industry.

The rebuilding of the South Australian Dog Fence, of which about 1,600 km is more than 100 years old, will be funded by the Australian Government, State Government and the livestock industry.

As part of the livestock industry’s $5 million investment, Livestock SA has proposed a voluntary levy on sheep transactions as one of three ways industry will fund the rebuild of the Dog Fence.

It is proposed this voluntary levy will be collected in the same way as the SA Sheep Industry Fund, with the additional rate for the Dog Fence rebuild being 12 cents per transaction.

In total, this would increase the current SA Sheep Industry Fund contribution from 55 cents per sheep to 67 cents.

The increase in the levy is in addition to other proposed sources of industry funding from an increase in the dog fence rates and a contribution from processing of rangeland goats. Once the total $5 million industry funding component has been raised, the collection of the additional levy will cease.

For further information

Rebuilding the Dog Fence in South Australia Proposal.

Mr Andrew Curtis
Livestock SA Chief Executive Officer
(08) 8297 2299

Ms Casey Work
Primary Industries and Regions SA Senior Policy Officer
(08) 8429 0471

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