Ovine Brucellosis

Ovine brucellosis (OB) is a venereal disease in sheep.

It can lead to:

  • infertility
  • reduced ram fertility
  • longer lambing period
  • prolonged lambing period
  • abortions in ewes
  • weak lambs.

Ovine brucellosis is not a notifiable disease.

Download the OB fact sheet (PDF 178.8 KB or DOCX 85.6 KB) for more information.

Ovine brucellosis-free Accreditation Scheme

The South Australian Ovine brucellosis-free Accreditation Scheme is run by:

  • sheep breed societies
  • individual owners
  • approved veterinary practitioners
  • Primary Industries and Regions SA.

The scheme is voluntary.

It aims to:

  • protect flocks from OB
  • promote flocks that are OB-free
  • make OB-free accredited rams available.


All owners of ram flocks registered with an approved breed society or association are eligible to apply for accreditation.

Responsibility for the scheme

Primary Industries and Regions SA’s Animal Health Group oversees all aspects of the scheme.

Management tasks include:

  • Registering veterinary practitioners who carry out flock testing.
  • Receiving and recording reports.
  • Issuing reminders to owners if they are due for re-testing.
  • Issuing certificates for new flocks.
  • Re-accrediting flocks.

Veterinary practitioners

Approved veterinary practitioners carry out all field work for the scheme.

Approved vets carry out:

  • examinations and testing
  • inspecting properties for fence standards
  • property facilities.

Learn more about how to become an approved veterinarian.

Breed societies

Breed societies make sure flock owners follow the rules of the scheme. Some breed societies demand members are part of the South Australian Ovine brucellosis-free Accreditation Scheme.


Use these documents to apply for accreditation:


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