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The Property Identification Code (PIC) records data about:

  • property owners
  • property information
  • species of animals on a property
  • number of animals on a property.

Registering for a PIC

Only 1 PIC is required per property.

Properties that have multiple blocks of land within 100km only need 1 PIC. Properties that have multiple blocks of land more than 100km apart measured from the centre of each property must register different PICs.

The following people can register a property for a PIC:

  • an owner or part owner
  • occupier
  • owner of stock
  • a person who has responsibility for managing or caring for stock on the property.

Updating information linked to PIC

Information can be updated at any time for free. Go to the update forms.

Transferring PICs

PICs can be transferred to another person. They cannot be transferred to another property.

Renewing PICs

A PIC registration must be renewed every 2 years. Renewal notices will be sent at least 5 weeks before the renewal date.

PIC zones

South Australia is divided into PIC zones. The first 2 numbers of a PIC will represent the PIC zone the property is in.

See the PIC zone map (PDF 171.8 KB).


Failing to register a property for a PIC may result in 1 of the following fines:

  • $500 for properties that have more than 250 animals, excluding birds
  • $315 for properties with 20-250 animals, excluding birds
  • $160 for properties with 20 animals or fewer, excluding birds
  • $500 for properties with more than 1000 poultry
  • $315 if it has 100-1000 poultry
  • $160 if it has 100 poultry or less.

Prosecution can have a maximum fine of $10,000. Fines will be issued in the first instance.


Contact the PIC registration team for more information:

phone: 8207 7919 or 1800 654 688

Write to Biosecurity SA to request a formal assessment of any decision:

Chief Inspector of Stock

Biosecurity SA
GPO Box 1671
Adelaide 5001
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