Pig movement

From 1 February 2018 NLIS Pigs becomes Australia’s system for the identification and tracing of pigs for biosecurity of pigs for biosecurity, food safety, product integrity and market access purposes.

As a result the following requirements for the movement of pigs will be in place.

Moving pigs within South Australia

Pigs moved within South Australia:

Moving pigs to South Australia from interstate

Pigs will not be allowed to enter from herds where Porcine Brucellosis is known or suspected.

Pigs moved to South Australia from interstate:

In addition to these requirements, breeding pigs entering South Australia from Queensland and New South Wales must:

    1. have a completed pig health assessment (PDF 96.2 KB or DOC 230.0 KB)
    2. meet one of the following criteria:
      1. Have a copy of a current certificate from the Brucella suis Accredited Herd Scheme.
      2. Non-accredited herds must meet 1 of the following criteria:
        • have a negative brucellosis serological test result conducted within the previous 30 days
        • be moving to a South Australian facility approved by the Chief Inspector of Stock that carries out brucellosis testing before release.
Page Last Reviewed: 21 Feb 2018
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